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qwertzu - 07-30-10
german no russian
blabla - 07-29-10
This is german
Pacha - 07-03-10
WTF omg too much for me damn
sherif - 06-01-10
me be crazy? - 06-01-10
she should have bit it off
slut - 06-01-10
Yes, i will submit myself to You for the rest of my worthless life and let You completely torture my worthless cock and be Your toilet forever and only eat Your shit and drink Your piss for the rest of my life. You can torture me however You want, as ard as You want. i will never need to cum again and You can punish me if i do so. i like to be assfucked and want to sleep on Your holy dungeon floor, even hogtied with sex toys in me. You can tie my cock up extremely hard and fasten weights to the worthless thing and keep them on for the rest of my life. You can also use whatever torture devices You want on me and my worthless cock. You can punish me if i ask questions or scream.
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Tigra86 - 05-16-10
Tigra86 - 05-16-10
That was fuking phenom! I have never seen chopsticks(?) before but what and awesome little set of toys with so many endless possibilities. That poor, poor little boy; somehow I think he was enjoying himself beyond measure. Wow! Great job ladies and they looked so fem doing it too. Doms seem sometimes to look like drill Sgts. Those two looked lovely and I'm straight. Now, for my taste to look at anyway had he been a massive, musular guy with a huge cock and I don't think I would ever stop watching as too pretty to blink.
pissed - 05-13-10
this is the most annoying video on this site! im pissed
TequilaKat - 05-12-10
the men were just nasty
Jim Best - 05-04-10
Fuck this Shit. this is Bullshit. I just wasted 2 minutes of my life!!!!!:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(
all4rohit - 05-02-10
ok good
zidan - 04-18-10
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i did exactly wat she said, i made me so horney i did it like 4 times
billy - 04-07-10
She always cums up with interesting and exciting things for Her slaves to do.
mike - 04-07-10
wow this is only playing in frames
nutty - 04-07-10
shes pretty now....
guest - 04-05-10
I like it too, very nice
Rob cbt sub - 04-04-10
It is great fun i love it too, I would like to know how to get intouch with girls like these
guest - 04-03-10
its running slow for me, i cant watch it :(
rhpaw - 04-01-10
just love the sadistic little tingles she gets as you watch her eyes light up after she gets him to beg and then makes him scream. Boy to be her bitch
julie - 04-01-10
i lov it, so nice
jeffrey - 04-01-10
not slow here, good movie :)
tom - 04-01-10
great movies, i like it
Allan - 03-31-10
tremblan - 03-31-10
More like these please!!!!
tremblan - 03-31-10
Please more of these!!!
tremblan - 03-31-10
This is great!! More of these PLEASE!!
tremlan - 03-31-10
I like POV lets see more of them!!
Mattee - 03-21-10
Why him :P I will be that man
Perrita - 03-21-10
Excelente, yo quiero que me hagan lo mismo
satinjerker - 03-09-10
sexy mistress, please come back and torture me like this please, im begging, let me eat your shit and lick your dirty clothes clean, i will clean your toilet bowl with my mouth, please, im jerking watch me please
pulled14 - 03-07-10
January is my new favorite month!
claudia - 03-02-10
she is so fake...terrible
mick - 02-28-10
dadsas - 02-27-10
satinjerker - 02-25-10
i would pay just to have 3 minutes standing behind her with my cock and balls pressed against her skirt, and i could cum just from her movement in it. I paid a street whore once who had silver satin jeans to walk on a treadmill in them while i stood behind her with my cock against them, and when she walked i came a huge load all over them in less than 2 minutes
satinjerker - 02-25-10
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macrel - 02-25-10
More of those please
satinjerker - 02-24-10
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rohit - 02-23-10
i need to be femdome by a teen girl,,,i love bondage,,sdism,tourture,,cage
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THis video sucks !!!
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ath - 02-16-10
haha could see the pain in her face
SexyMistress - 02-15-10
I need a bitch who will submit himself to me like this. Interested?
admin - 02-14-10
Teacher - 02-14-10
You misspelled slave.
hoodga - 02-12-10
nice body and tits
sara - 02-11-10
i really want to be treated like that.just one master od my pussy.who can do as he pleases...i deserve the worst
wtf! - 02-08-10
fucking idiots!!!!
kyosai - 02-08-10
I love these types of vids. It's a shame there's only like 4 or 5 on the entire site...
pauchie - 02-05-10
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mogan - 02-04-10
nice words slutTess
sexyboobs - 01-31-10
my boobs are sexier than her, but i love this punishment
tjk - 01-21-10
AS GSZ - 01-18-10
Nice ending! Sounds like she got it fast!!
s - 01-17-10
could u guys post the coninuation??
ass man - 01-11-10
i would like to meet the gals leaving these comments
toh - 01-09-10
txt me anyone. looking for fun
xyz - 01-08-10
They're German, not Russian, even though they guy has a strong dialect.
piastre - 01-08-10
I didn't see any breast whipping
slave - 01-05-10
the clown mask is creepy
kgopi - 01-05-10
what is this bullshit
spankhard - 01-03-10
love the marks
tanya - 01-03-10
love this video
cellinot - 12-30-09
hayvanca_sex - 12-22-09
hayvanca_sex - 12-22-09
supper sex waooowww!!!!!!!
Jasruwr - 12-17-09
xD Dude, Love the whole insane meanness in a guy x'3 great video.
boom - 12-17-09
thats way you do it!!!
Lyala - 12-13-09
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Asphyxiation Princess - 12-11-09
Holy shit! That video is fucked up and deserves to be removed. His laugh made me wish I was there to electro shock his dick, that was not for sexual arousal that was for pure meanness.
true sub - 12-10-09
this was fucked up is it just me or does it look like the girl had a stroke at the end not right i'm into alot of shit and pain but omg i think they killed her
Kalina - 12-06-09
hey im a blonde 19 yr old and egar to have bondage with a male and be the subbmissive one
dzoni - 12-05-09
no way - 12-01-09
this is disgusting
dead demon - 11-30-09
not really BDSM though
- 11-29-09
mona - 11-20-09
roadking - 11-19-09
don't need hardcore BDSM all the time.. this was a little lame but fun........
fuck up - 11-15-09
eh isnt she way too ugly? to give little commands like that. and her stomach is bigger than her boobies
dimoseb3@fastmail.fm - 11-14-09
love her
Lu - 11-13-09
Either that or she is mentally challenged..
Lu - 11-13-09
Would be better if she weren't moving her jaw and lips like the damn druggie she is. I'd rather see some real subs.
idk - 11-11-09
lol yea hes luky if anyone knows any good sites email me mm4874@gmail.com
pandur - 11-10-09
die fotze sollte auch genadelt werden.und dann muss sie wichsen bis zum spritzen
pandur - 11-10-09
die braucht hrtere hiebe auf die fotze
AJJJ - 11-09-09
i find this really disturbing actually
J - 11-09-09
real nice love that shes not screaming much nicer when the girls enjoying herself too
J - 11-09-09
real nice love that shes not screaming much nicer when the girls enjoying herself too
Anonymous - 11-08-09
Jay - 11-08-09
i wish i had her!!
Jay - 11-08-09
i wish i had her!!
BB - 11-08-09
I agree! More and longer vids like this!!
Jenifer - 11-05-09
she is so hot and you can tell she loves every minute!
eeehh - 11-03-09
would have liked to hear her moan or yelp, or make some kind of noise
lucifer - 11-02-09
any girl in bucks up for a ruff but fun just shout-)
anti - 10-30-09
ok- but could be improved by a gag to shut her up and make it more effective
anmy - 10-28-09
very good
b - 10-27-09
so fake!
bigbad - 10-23-09
needed someone to come over those red cheeks and watch it sizzle on the heat!
uie - 10-22-09
guy...if was me i'd spank much more ;P
doggy k - 10-21-09
yes, i keep coming back for this video, thats perfectly what i want///
nice - 10-21-09
huafujun - 10-17-09
Anthony - 10-17-09
i'd pay thousands for that treatment
PJ - 10-12-09
gut, nicht wunderbar
... - 10-12-09
i like a girl with some fat
masternick - 10-08-09
nice, hard hits, hard find
spankerrr - 10-08-09
i want to spank both those girls!!!
524 - 10-07-09
Brilliant.......a lesson well learnt I think. She behaved well taking her punishment I thought.
topher - 10-07-09
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Guest - 10-06-09
Re: 524 She took it very well. Sure gave me a stiff one!
;) - 10-05-09
I would LOVE to be treated like that:) so good
hj - 10-05-09
spanker - 09-30-09
awesome vid!!!
mistress - 09-26-09
bitch has got horrible posture.
sub998 - 09-26-09
boring??? let down?? is not all about nudity.. if you were really into spanking you would appreciate this more
gdg - 09-26-09
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random - 09-25-09
i wanna fuck her soo bad
pissslave - 09-25-09
she could whip my pussy neday
yammy - 09-24-09
great website. =) this is somewhat like my FUCKEDUP fantasy ah i love it.
dead man - 09-24-09
how boring
real punishment - 09-22-09
love it that was the real deal!!!
524 - 09-22-09
Nice.....she takes it well. Could have been much harder on her though.
Laine - 09-21-09
what a let dowm
guest6 - 09-21-09
clip can be found at clips4sale.com
eurolovr - 09-18-09
lucky man
xcvvb - 09-16-09
They're Austrian.
jsexybbw - 09-09-09
Sick shit! These people are fucked up!
bdsmbabe - 09-07-09
omg hot
dave - 09-06-09
love it
kikison - 09-06-09
more of this
bobi - 09-04-09
i wish i were spanking her
嗷嗷嗷 - 08-29-09
Jackson - 08-29-09
So interesting.
XXX - 08-28-09
gr8 video... got to chek elitespanking.com
awesome!!! i love euro chix!!!! - 08-28-09
sb - 08-28-09
good shot
Monikk - 08-28-09
sadistbitch - 08-27-09
Loved it.
hornyman - 08-26-09
holy shit
dark - 08-25-09
nice fucking i like to fuck in all my holes
Ricard - 08-24-09
nick - 08-23-09
was i supposed to get turned on? by her?
sasule - 08-23-09
she should stay to phone sex videos aren't really her thing she just doesn't look hot enough
Stauch - 08-23-09
ok aber nicht meine welt
Stauch - 08-23-09
da sage ich nichts zu
Stauch - 08-22-09
fr den anfang ok
sabbag - 08-21-09
hjhj - 08-20-09
guest - 08-19-09
those tits should be tied tight with rope
lauren - 08-17-09
that was great, loved it. got off to it, actually!
kyosai - 08-17-09
I would serve her!
slutTess - 08-09-09
nothing feels as good as cocks deep up my ass except cocks and pussy in each of my holes
ashmafia - 08-08-09
humm but elite pin is better
shakeel - 08-08-09
rita - 08-03-09
i liked how she looks like having fun ... i like it that way .. hate screaming .. better when slaves are having fun yet humiliated
rita - 08-03-09
i liked how she looks like having fun ... i like it that way .. hate screaming .. better when slaves are having fun yet humiliated
Sky Bar - 08-01-09
Who cares about her teeth. Look at the pussy and huge tits on that whore. Plus, she's a fucking grandma. Would love to turn an old bitch like that into a chained-up whore for mey friends.
dead man - 07-31-09
her teeth are fucking GROSS as hell
doctor - 07-31-09
gay boy111 - 07-30-09
gay i like it f u bitch
xnxx - 07-25-09
more of these
guest - 07-23-09
if i knew the location of the man in that video.. i would need a lawyer in the end.
sexy - 07-19-09
mmmmmmm nice
屎一堆 - 07-16-09
bdsm babay - 07-15-09
Roger - 07-12-09
I did that with my wife. Infact, i put 55 needles in her pussy and 50 in each breast. It is fun
Roger - 07-12-09
I humiliate my wife like that every day and i play with her putting electricity in her pussy and on boobs
............... - 07-11-09
She could really use a hug.
ahahah - 07-10-09
i fuking love herrr like fuk shes amazing
:OOO - 07-08-09
eww swallow:s
Kyo - 07-07-09
Why can't we get more like this?!
satin jerker - 07-06-09
i like to clean her crotch and ass after she has sex with 4 or 5 guys
nowak - 07-03-09
ez nagyon kemeny!
Roger - 07-03-09
My wife does it to me all the time. I love it.
guest - 06-28-09
god she is sooo hot i would do anything for her
tady - 06-25-09
Kathy lee - 06-19-09
too fake... cry out only if it actually hurts, don't just cry out right away
paul - 06-18-09
guest 1 - 06-18-09
It is a electric fly catcher
jz - 06-17-09
keep these cUmming!
joe - 06-16-09
marty ur fucked up loser
Roger - 06-15-09
What is the instrument like a racket called?
Fucker - 06-15-09
Good girl
elgrande - 06-05-09
lemontree - 06-04-09
that one was great..
lemontree - 06-04-09
so good..
Marty - 06-01-09
This is the best vid on the site. shame there isn't any of her nipples being pierced
King Dingeling. - 06-01-09
Damm!!! That is really crank shit. But Ok, the people who like should do it. But for me that is realy too much.
hincapie - 05-30-09
Great BDSM video - extreme!
Ron - 05-26-09
I liked the two mistresses having their wicked way with him and enjoying it.Pity we couldnt see a strapon used.
chris - 05-17-09
more of this please!
timtied - 05-17-09
Oh, She IS the Best! Every subs Dream!
subboy - 05-15-09
now that's some way of cumming...
bitchboy - 05-14-09
ilove this vid
iri - 05-07-09
is so beautiful
Ditysz - 05-02-09
I love the video the way she asks you to do whatever she wants its like an online mistress!
jg - 04-30-09
wow need more of these!
bitchboy - 04-28-09
dam she so hot can we please get more of these videos i love them
subboy - 04-25-09
that Chick is hot but this vid is boring
wolf - 04-22-09
wow! shes so hot! can we get more of this pov humilation / j.o.-encouragements please? maybe even longer pieces?
Guest - 03-04-09
PLZZZ that video MUST Continue! Where i can find it!? The exact instruction? Shes so hooot
German Madass - 02-28-09
Nice vid, a bit freaky but some will love this!
alin - 02-28-09
very goot
subbym - 02-24-09
I obeyed her, I only got to G though before it slipped down past my tongue
subboy - 02-08-09
once again, i'd obey Her...i'd lick more than Her soles...;)
subboy - 02-08-09
i'd obey Her...nice tongue piercing by the way ;)
subboy - 02-08-09
next time i'll visit Berlin, it will be in January...
subboy - 02-08-09
looks like great fun
subboy - 02-06-09
Never knew Berlin was that hot in January ;)
- 12-06-08
I love how she laughed at him while she his worthless meat. Very nice video. Would have liked to see Ms. January abuse him too.
Shai - 11-12-08
Very nice to see this woman for my first time...very nice Mistress.
- 11-09-08
Love this woman...
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