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!S!WCRTESTINPUT000000!E! - 12-09-13
Tapiwa - 10-13-12
Oh Porn, where the hell to start. Thanks for posting this, my boenyirfd recently moved out (my house of twelve became too noisy for his nerdiness) and since then I've been watching a good amount of porn. While the majority of free downloadable straight porn does it pretty well for me, I consider that it does because I am bisexual and while my male desires are filled by my boenyirfd, I'm lacking in the female department- therefore I'm ok that I don't see the male. However, were I not in a relationship or I had a girlfriend instead- YES I want to see the male, I want to hear him, and I want to watch him. The porn industry is definitely lacking in many departments, and I do believe including the male in the scenes needs to be sought. If I may comment, I have also noticed that almost all the people in porn tend to have the same moves ? Does that make sense? They all lick and kiss and fuck in the same sort of motion, fast, hard, and lots of alternatives. It's really kind of weird, it makes a lot of videos seem really really similar.Since I am bisexual and I do enjoy lesbian porn, I will say that it is really hard to enjoy what I find. I end up watching hentai/yuri because the characters are way more loving and intimate. The majority of lesbian porn I've seen is really hard to believe, the women don't seem to usually be all that intimate, they don't really hold each other and it makes me feel that I'm watching straight girls doing something they don't actually enjoy for money and then I just feel sick. It really, really, sucks. I also think that a lot of lesbian porn is produced for a male audience, which is another reason why I don't think I can enjoy it. It's not all that sexy to watch barbies tentatively touch while keeping stiletto heels on. Ugh. I want to see real women, that are actually into each other, enjoying each other without all the flimflam. Another thing, While I'm into kinks and a really good hard fuck, I also really miss the allure of intimacy, romance, and sweetness. What ever happened to making love ? When it really comes down to it- who is making the porn? Usually the white guys are the top of the chain, showing again the patriarchy of our society, and why the female perspective and the LGBQT perspective is missing.That's another thing, it is really hard to find good gender play porn, and everything to do with the LGBQT community.Anyway, that's my two cents, I'll stop ranting for now.
tamana - 07-30-12
it so hots
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